What's a GPOD Potato?

September 27, 2019 - News

Not all potatoes are made equally. It is important that you learn the difference! Varieties are not disclosed in stores, so general consumers do not know the difference

The GPOD, or russet burbank potatoes, are the height of luxury in the industry. They are higher quality and usually smaller, but with better taste. They’re also more exclusive, with a shorter growing period than other Idaho potatoes. They need to be measured and graded before being officially called “GPOD”. They are the superior cooking potato, and are great for making French fries. Buyers can be guaranteed consistent quality when purchasing them.

The standard quality potatoes are called russet norkotah potatoes. They are bigger, rounder, and prettier to look at, but they have an inferior taste. They have great taking and boiling qualities. They mature earlier than other potatoes, so they’re usually the first to market at the start of the season.

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By Caroline Voigt